Flash fiction: The Squealing Pig

By Gary Quinn (839 words) Moments before the bomb fell, Anja knew her children were going to die. She knew she would die also, but she screamed for them. And when the screaming stopped and her body lay broken, she was still there – dead – but present nonetheless. She lay in the dark wondering…

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Islandmen reborn – capturing a Blasket gathering

A film about two American cousins who’d previously never met, on an island they’ve never been to – why does the story of ‘The Crest’ speak so vividly to us all?

Short Story

Electric Fence

A short story, originally published in the Book of Voices short story collection (Flame Books), to raise awareness and support writers in Sierra Leone

Stories from The Sea Road

The Little Book of Irish Whiskey

Published by Harper Collins UK, Gary Quinn’s essential guide to Ireland’s whiskey distilleries will bring you face-to-face with the passion driving this vibrant global drinks sector.

Stories from The Sea Road

A walk on the wild side: meet the first woman to YoYo the Pacific Crest Trail

Dubliner Olive McGloin is the first woman to walk the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada – and back